To form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity in a healthy and sustainable environment

We must work harder to create a more perfect union...

Our slave-era, 1789 Constitution shapes the broken politics that paralyze our government: It mandates unequal represen­tation in the Electoral College and Senate and facilitates gerrymandering.

A 21st century update to a government designed before the telegraph is sorely needed!

We must have fact-based, one-man, one-vote elections. Our government must be streamlined and restructured to discourage partisanship and spur constructive compromise. We must bind our echo-chambered society together again, preserve our core values, and help the common good win over narrow interests.

The Constitutional Party will lead a Constitutional Convention to amendments that better protect and promote a free, opportunity-driven society, one that can be more tolerant, more unified, and more competitive in a technology-driven, globalized world.

Human Capital-ism will guide its domestic policies — treating each citizen as worthy of investment to become the most well-informed voter, the most healthy and wealthy taxpayer, and the most contributing member of society that he or she can be.

Pragmatic Leadership will guide its foreign policy — advancing peace and prosperity with military, moral and economic strength.

The Constitutional Party will stand not for larger or smaller government, but for smarter and more efficient government! It will strive to revitalize the American Dream for all our citizens.

The Constitutional Party welcomes disaffected Republicans and Democrats into a capable team committed to that end!

Rebuilding a Government of, by, and for the People

PROBLEM: corrupted, partisan politics
SOLUTION: fairer political representation, voting, and campaign finance


PROBLEM: a broken social compact: conflict among classes and groups
SOLUTION: creating profit opportunities in reducing poverty, welfare and crime


PROBLEM: wasteful government spending
SOLUTION: more businesslike government budgeting and accounting


PROBLEM: insufficient demand for domestic labor
SOLUTION: incentivizing private investment in unmet public needs


PROBLEM: costly, fruitless foreign entanglements
SOLUTION: more containment, less nation-building


PROBLEM: obsolete delivery of healthcare, education and law enforcement
SOLUTION: wholesale redesign of operations, markets and associated politics

Modernize the Constitution and election procedures to repair today's politics more
Make federal budgeting, accounting and investing more businesslike more
Shift a simplified tax code from labor and income toward consumption and wealth more
Transition healthcare delivery into competitive single payer-providers more
Modernize public schooling with a focus on early childhood more
Redesign incarceration to lower costs and lower recidivism more
Expand AmeriCorps into national service for unemployed youth more
Use public/private partnerships for domestic job creation more
Lubricate labor mobility more
Rationalize and simplify federal regulation more
Do a reset/restart on immigration management more
Criminalize harm-causing disinformation and hate speech more
Several billion dollars and prominent leadership will be needed to displace our duality of failed political parties in Congress, the Presidency and statehouses nationwide. Without this, the fundamental changes in our Constitutional system and corrupt politics will be frustrated indefinitely.

Here, only a commitment by America's philanthopic billionaires, leveraged by popular contributions and activism, following a pricking of the alternate-reality information bubble, can make this real. That will come only after they are driven to realize that saving American democracy from self-destruction is the worthiest charity of all, and that only they can effect the changes needed!
A step-by-step plan for convincing them of that is under development. Help is needed.